Ways to Reach Your Optimal Zeta Potential

Odds are you’ve never heard of zeta potential. Most people haven’t. Zeta potential relates to the measurement of the electrical force found between cells, atoms, and molecules in a fluid[1]. Our zeta potential determines how many nutrients and waste our blood can carry.

Understanding Zeta Potential

Our body needs the help of electrical forces to allow our fluids, such as lymph and blood, to hold and dissolve nutrients and waste. What this means is that depending on our zeta potential strength, our body can carry material throughout to deliver nutrients to the body and deposit waste so it can be removed later on[2].

Ideally, our zeta potential should remain constant, and our system viscosity or fluidity should also remain constant. However, when our zeta potential starts to fall and reaches low levels, intravascular coagulation can arise. This condition occurs when blood becomes a sludge, making it too thick for the heart to pump, which decreases the blood’s functionality.

How to Increase Your Zeta Potential?

Many studies have ruled out several ways to improve your zeta potential and improve it to reach its optimal levels. By following these standard practices, you can avoid lowering your zeta potential so you can maintain healthy levels and reach its optimal functioning.

  • Avoid aluminum – Aluminum found in antiperspirants, soft drinks, canned goods, and antacids, are all examples of items high in aluminum.
  • Limit alcohol consumption – Alcohol produces intravascular coagulation, which is in essence low zeta potential.
  • EDTA Chelation Therapy – By using this therapy, physicians can improve zeta potential to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body.
  • Earthing – By adding an electrical charge from Earth, the body can raise zeta potential of the blood and eliminate free radicals associated with inflammatory diseases.

Consequences of Low Zeta Potential

As electrical charges decrease, particles begin to move closer to each other and liquids in our bodies carry fewer materials, including nutrients and wastes[3]. When zeta potential is low, our body can manifest it through:

  • Increasing levels of heavy metals
  • Degenerative diseases like osteoporosis
  • Turning pH more acidic

Why do I Need Optimal Zeta Potential?

Your body’s zeta potential is directly related to how your blood functions and how it moves valuable nutrients throughout your body[4]. Besides that, electrical charge is also responsible for the elimination of toxic metals in your body that can only be eliminated when optimal zeta levels are present. Maintaining an optimal zeta potential accomplishes:

  • More efficient red blood cells (RBC)
  • Better functioning heart
  • Improved ability to remove and dissolve toxic deposits
  • Lymph and blood can carry nutrients more efficiently

Y-Power™ encourages a more balanced body electrical system, by assisting with mitochondrial function, endurance, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), cellular respiration, and oxidation balance to promote youthfulness, vitality, and ultimately reanimate the electrical current in our bodies to provide us with the essence of life.

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